This is seriously cool.


We took Yuja Wang, the ultra-glam pianist (seriously, those stiletto booties), to the Steinway & Sons factory in Queens to play some fierce and fiery Prokofiev on a new instrument.

So. Ya know. She’s good.

Breathtaking even in #winter… #Hancock #LSD #Chicago #exitsign (at The Signature Lounge)


Good drinking spot in NYC #deadrabbit #nyc photo by our creative director @yolandaedwards

I can vouch for this place! Solid food and beverages. @uyzie and nikhilb pick great spots!




So, this just happened.

How cool!

BIG BLOCK OF CHEESE DAY! January 29th. Pretty awesome. 

"Yeah, but in the meantime, Pluie’s gonna get drunk and wander off the Wolves Only Road and wind up eating my cat…so unless Pluie registers to vote…” C.J. Cregg


Walking Men: A Public Art Installation Featuring Pedestrian Traffic Icons from Around the World

I thought this was really cool the first time I saw it in Manhatten. 

DCI Tour of Champions 2 of 2 (DeKalb, IL) Cadets and Crown tie for 1st, outpacing BD; Bluecoats = crowd favorite

DCI Tour of Champions 1 of 2 (DeKalb, IL) Cadets and Crown tie for 1st, outpacing BD; Bluecoats = crowd favorite


Watch this! - Some seriously clever digital PR. Use your iPhone to play a vinyl LP! Take a look…



I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate a record player into my small apartment…

∞ The Awful Truth About Jogging

Many of my feelings about organized running are expressed here (perhaps worded differently), but I’m glad she’s continuing on. If I ever run a marathon, it will most likely be out of spite as well.

Running friends, I still respect what you do though I do not understand why. I’ll even cheer you on, but I’ll probably just stick to rugby.

Jammin’ out at the Chicago Blues Festival


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